Missed the .Net 5 webinar? Get up to speed by watching the live recording!

Confusion over core concepts, overloaded terminology, shifting advice, and “seemingly all or nothing” upgrades: .NET Core has been a source of frustration for many C# developers and product owners.

And just when you thought you might have a hold on .NET Core 3…the cheese is moving once more. With the Nov. 2020 release of .NET 5, those of us using .NET Framework will get left in the dust—unless we start preparing today. Luckily, your experiences with .NET Core may have actually put you in an ideal position to keep moving towards this upgrade.

In this webinar, presenter Patrick Lioi will walk you through the iterative steps you can take to get up-to-date—without having to shut everything down for a year.

Patrick will leverage his deep .NET knowledge to help you:

  • Learn from the failures and the successes of other public “Grand Rewrites”
  • Get at the “Why?” of all the .NET Core upgrades by considering Microsoft’s point of view more closely
  • Leverage your experiences with .NET Core to position you for .NET 5 success
  • Understand exactly what to do throughout to 2020 to make your .NET 5 transition go smoothly


Patrick Lioi Headspring


Patrick Lioi

Patrick Lioi is a technical leader with 16+ years’ experience developing systems across industries. He’s an asset to both clients and our team, having helmed training and mentorship programs that drive agility and performance. As a project “accelerator,” he increases teams’ throughput, and brings a deep knowledge of C# and automated testing to the table. He’s also the architect of the Fixie test framework, an open source contribution that’s integral to many projects.

Josh Gill


Joshua Gill

As a Client Director Joshua is responsible for field sales at Headspring. He has 10 years experience selling custom software solutions ranging from software modernization to mobile applications and IoT. His current focus is on helping enterprise clients with legacy applications move to modern platforms with modern code, allowing them to scale their business through Digital Transformation.

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