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Are you having trouble delivering value to your customers/stakeholders as quickly as you’d like? It’s a common challenge—which is why we’re seeing DevOps gain so much traction in the industry. But DevOps is done a little differently in the cloud. IT leaders in charge of managing their cloud spending need to be aware of those nuances.

In this webinar, we’ll highlight the differences between dogmatic and practical approaches to bringing DevOps into your cloud projects. Our presenters, Yogi Aradhye and Patrick McVeety-Mill, will demonstrate how to put DevOps principles into practice. We’ll cover the following:

  • Why DevOps?
  • Doing “Practical DevOps” instead of just checking off boxes
  • What DevOps looks like in AWS and Azure
  • How to build a robust DevOps pipeline that delivers value quickly

DevOps is not a role or a department—it’s a way of working better across your organization. This session will help you understand how to optimize your approach to doing DevOps in the cloud. Join us, so you can move forward in expanding your cloud strategy and tackling business problems with confidence.

Yogi Aradhye


Yogi Aradhye

Yogi Aradhye has been writing code well over a decade and has worked on many different kinds of technologies. His diverse work experience spans from small startups to large enterprises such as DELL. Currently, he is leading projects at Headspring as a Principal Consultant with a focus on building advanced distributed systems. Over the past 20 months, he has been a lead architect for a financial services client. He sets patterns and guides multiple teams in a collaborative journey towards microservices. Yogi has also been a speaker at .NET User Group Code Camps in Hartford, Boston, Houston, and Austin. Recently, he presented at Kansas City Developer Conference and NDC Oslo.

Patrick McVeety-Mill | Headspring


Patrick McVeety-Mill

Patrick is an enthusiastic and driven software consultant, practiced in refactoring legacy projects and developing web and cloud solutions for a wide variety of business domains. As a dedicated learner, he is quick to adapt to new systems and internalize client missions; finding opportunities for innovation and sharing knowledge with his team. A long prior history in the service industry has provided him a work ethic and team communication skills often uncharacteristic in the engineering world.

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