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NDC Minnesota is the ultimate experience for developers. This 4-day event includes 58 speakers, 60 talks and 10 workshops – covering 37 technologies.

Headspring’s Chief Architect Jimmy Bogard is giving a talk on “From SQL to Azure Cosmos DB.” Here’s a preview:

We’ve built on relational databases for decades, and even used SQL databases in the cloud. But the relational model, as flexible as it is, cannot model every modern scenario we see in our applications. With Cosmos DB, we finally have many kinds of NoSQL database at our disposal, all under one umbrella. Key-value, columnar, document, and graphs, we have many more options to build on.

But with all these options, how do systems change? How do we model differently? How does our application need to change? And finally, how do our domain models change?

What you’ll learn from this talk:

  • Modeling techniques for the NoSQL document DB models in Cosmos DB
  • How to move from the familiar confines of our SQL world into modeling via documents
  • The tradeoffs and how we can work with the change in transactional, querying, and usage models of Cosmos DB

This talk will take place:
Date: Thursday, May 10
Time: 10:20am – 11:20am
Room: 2

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