Important Information

April 25, 2019
7pm – 9pm

Headspring Monterrey
WeWork (Office 5-123) Blvd. Antonio L. Rodriguez #1888 Col. Santa Maria Monterrey NL 64650


Whether building a new application or breaking down an existing monolith, microservices can drive a ton of value in terms of agility, resilience, and scale. But how can we extend the benefits of microservices by focusing on frontend development?

Enter micro frontends: the approach to building modern web applications by breaking up that large front-end into feature-oriented modules that can be owned by independent teams and developed end-to-end.

Let’s turn an eye to the all-important UI and learn about building micro frontends!

This talk will cover:

  • Overview of micro frontends and the problems they solve in huge monolith applications
  • Different approaches to implementing micro frontends
  • Live example implementations


Emmanuel Morales

Emmanuel is a high‐performing, strategic‐thinking professional with more than 8+ years of experience designing solutions for complex web-based business applications. He is experienced with modular design techniques, for creating flexible and reusable architectures; and has contributed to all levels of the development cycle, from obtaining requirements to delivering quality approved solutions.

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