For the first time in decades, WebAssembly has made it possible to program browser apps with languages other than JavaScript. Microsoft’s premiere production release of Blazor WASM represents the first opportunity dotnet developers have to build rich, dynamic web apps with C#—without the clunkiness of browser extensions and plugins.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce you to Blazor, discuss why we think it matters, and help you get started developing with it. You’ll learn:

  • Current trends in front-end development that make Blazor WebAssembly a natural next step
  • How Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly programming models compare
  • The current production state: What’s released, what’s supported, what’s in preview
  • How to use Blazor via demos that show client-side setup, page code, and reuse of API models, etc.
  • What’s next in terms of releases and how you can get started today

Whether you’re a developer or a decision-maker, Blazor can benefit you: While programmers revel in a single language and runtime platform for both their server-side and client-side development, their managers will appreciate the potential productivity gains and cost savings.

Glenn Burnside Headspring


Glenn Burnside

Glenn is responsible for day-to-day operations across all consulting practices and offices for Headspring. He has over 20 years of experience in delivering software solutions, ranging from high-speed data acquisition for test and measurement, to global e-commerce platforms. His focus now is on setting the strategic vision for Headspring’s consulting services, and ensuring that our consultant engineers are equipped with the right environment, equipment, and skills to deliver great software that transforms organizations.

Kevin Ackerman Headspring


Kevin Ackerman

Kevin is a Senior Consultant at Headspring who has been coding professionally for the last 7+ years for clients and companies across a variety of industries. He enjoys creating solutions to solve specific technology problems, leveraging his pragmatic approach and a drive to make the greatest positive impact possible. Kevin has delivered mission-critical front-end solutions for many clients and is part of the Headspring’s Front-end forum.

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