Remember when we talked about getting ready for .NET 5? Well now it’s here—so it’s becoming ever-more important to make that transition, smoothly.

In this webinar, Headspring partners with an education client, Ed-Fi Alliance, to walk you through a real-world .NET Core migration whose success relied on very careful planning. Ed-Fi provides enterprise technology that gives school districts and education agencies secure access to critical data. Ed-Fi’s Admin App is used by administrators to facilitate deployments. Moving the Admin App to .NET Core will enable modern deployment in Docker containers, making the technology more accessible and cost-effective for customers.

The story we share reflects the perspectives of both Headspring and Ed-Fi: You’ll hear from Patrick Lioi,  the whiz developer with key leadership responsibilities and Jason Hoekstra, the savvy product owner also tasked with managing the team. They cover:

  • How to communicate this sort of technical, in-the-weeds work to a non-technical audience
  • Planning vs “Planning”: Using evidence to evade surprises and breaking a problem down into safe steps
  • Techniques for managing technical risks, rendered in plain English for shared understanding
  • How Ed-Fi’s Admin App functions, the challenges of running only in Windows, and opportunities availed by .NET Core
  • The project planning process, promoting agile delivery, and methods used to explain things to stakeholders
  • The benefits that this new .NET Core app, ready for Docker containers, brings to the Ed-Fi community

Together, our presenters offer detailed guidance on how to approach such a risky, complex transformation, while offering Ed-Fi audiences an inside look at the evolution of this critical app and how it will benefit future deployments.

Learn all about the benefits of undergoing this kind of transformation, and how to plan for success!


Patrick Lioi Headspring


Patrick Lioi, Principal Consultant / Tech Lead, Headspring

Patrick Lioi is a technical leader with 16+ years’ experience developing systems across industries. He’s an asset to both clients and our team, having helmed training and mentorship programs that drive agility and performance. As a project “accelerator,” he increases teams’ throughput and brings a deep knowledge of C# and automated testing to the table. He’s also the architect of the Fixie test framework, an open source contribution that’s integral to many projects.

Jason Hoekstra Ed-Fi


Jason Hoekstra, Senior Program Manager/ Product Owner, Ed-Fi Alliance

Jason serves as a product owner for Ed-Fi Alliance’s ODS Tools Team, working with a team of talented developers to improve Ed-Fi ODS / API adoption—particularly in education environments where IT budgets and resources are limited. With over 20 years of experience in IT and software development, he spent a decade providing technology solutions for public benefit at The White House, U.S. Department of Education, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation before joining Ed-Fi. In his current role, Jason is driven daily by stories of successful deployments leading to new accomplishments for the education community he serves. Outside of work, he can usually be found with his two young children hiking, kayaking, or camping in one of the many Austin-area lakes and parks.

Lee Morrow Headspring


Lee Morrow, Senior Consultant / Project Manager, Headspring

Lee is a personable, passionate, forward-thinking project lead with a foundational understanding of application development, networking, and cybersecurity. He brings 5+ years of experience successfully delivering complex IT projects with technically advanced agile teams of all sizes. His philosophy is that through authentic, mutually beneficial relationships and thoughtful implementation of technology we can elevate each other, build efficiency and innovation into our organizations, and vastly improve the well-being of our customers and communities.

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