Candidate Experience

Learn more about the recruitment process and what you can expect as you pursue new opportunities with Headspring, Part of Accenture!

Learn, grow, prosper

If you’re ready to take the next steps in your career, we’re so happy you’re here! We value our people, and we bring that through in the experience we curate for new candidates.

Discover the opportunities that await you and what to expect during the hiring process so you can feel prepared and confident when applying for a position with Headspring.

We’re about connecting people’s desire to learn and grow with the meaningful, mission-driven work of our clients. Our employer brand promise is that you will grow here more than anywhere else, and we love to hear how that resonates with you in the interview process.
Dustin Wells


Career Paths

You’ll grow more here than anywhere else: That’s our commitment to all employees, and we stand by it. We’re always looking for talent—across many different disciplines—to support our growth-oriented culture. Check out the many rewarding career paths available to you at Headspring, Part of Accenture!

Full-time roles

Full-time positions span various functions, which all work together to create the culture and synergy that makes us a high-performing software consulting organization—and a highly-rated company to work for.

Service Delivery
(Engineering & Project Management)

Whether you’re a proactive project manager or a savvy software developer, you’ll have a chance to make a big impact on our Service Delivery team. Love what you do every day by joining the high-performing team that leads the development of high-end software solutions addressing our client’s toughest technical and business challenges.


If you enjoy contributing to a growing company and building lasting partnerships with clients, you’ll thrive as part of our Sales team. Our existing Go-To-Market function comprises a diverse team of trusted business partners working across Sales, Pre-Sales, and relationship-focused Account Management.


You’re an awareness-builder, a lead-generator, a dreamer, and a doer who understands people. Our Marketing team wants YOU! We’re a mix of strategists, digital marketers, content creators, and community-builders who deliver relevant brand experiences and help IT leaders think about technology and business in new ways.


Corporate (HR & Finance)

From Human Resources gurus to Finance professionals—corporate roles are vital in supporting the company across various functions and across the globe. If you’re committed to excellence and strive to be a true partner to the business, there are many opportunities in this category that could launch your career to the next level.

IT & Operations

If you have the intrinsic motivation to problem-solve, you’ll love working with our IT & Operations team! We emphasize “productive mobility,” equipping people with the tools to do their jobs anywhere, while leveraging the latest cloud services to maintain a lean infrastructure environment.

Kickstart your career in Software Development!

Software Engineer – Early Career

If you’re a new grad or a software developer looking to accelerate your career, come level up your skills by learning with the best. This is a great opportunity to join us in a full-time, benefits eligible role while learning the critical tools and technology at the heart of our Mindful Development approach to team-based software projects.

This six-week intensive training program is designed to give you hands-on, resume-boosting experience under the guidance of our seasoned software developers with over 15 years of experience before rolling onto real-time projects.

Rather than focusing on specific technologies, which change as often as the seasons, we prioritize fostering core skills and instilling a deeper understanding of how tools actually work. This way, we can make sure you’re set up for lasting success in a fast-changing field.

Kickstart your career in Software Development


Looking for some real-world experience to complement your classroom training? Eager to explore possible career paths or get a feel for the industry? As a Headspring intern, you’ll have a chance to make an impact while gaining valuable experience, both coding and collaborating with a purpose-driven team. And we’re happy to work with your educational institution to make sure we meet any credit requirements.

We’ve developed the interview process to really get a sense of the “whole person”: Your functional skills, interpersonal skills, and career goals.
Erin Wortham

Director of Talent

The Hiring Process

We make your experience as simple, transparent, and pleasant as possible—from interest to offer. Expect fast feedback and support throughout the process. This is a chance for us to get to know you, and for you to learn more about us. Here’s an overview of what you can expect once you identify an opportunity you’d like to pursue:


Upload your resume and answer a short questionnaire, if applicable to your role.


In a 30-minute phone conversation with a recruiter, you’ll get a chance to tell us more about you, your experience, and your career goals.

Skills exercise

At this point, you’ll have a chance to get a sense for the kind of work we do and collaborate with actual team members.

  • For engineering roles: You’ll participate in a 1-hour, virtual collaborative coding exercise during which you can discuss your experience and ideas, and ask your engineering peers at Headspring questions about the role.
  • For other roles: We typically craft a short exercise that should take about 1 hour to complete at home, which you’ll then be able to review and discuss with your potential teammates.


Upload your resume and answer a short questionnaire, if applicable to your role.


You’ll meet with the hiring manager, Director, and/or other team members for a collaborative, open discussion about your experience and the role.


If it’s a fit, we want it to stick! Our offers feature competitive benefit and compensation packages that set us apart from other companies in our industry.


We want to ensure you’re set up for success and that you can deliver your best from day one. What you can expect when you accept:

  • You’ll get a welcome gift and company swag to make you feel like part of the team right from the start.
  • We equip you with a new laptop and provide a $1,000 budget for you to outfit your workspace with the peripherals you need and want.
  • You’ll receive a detailed 30/60/90 day onboarding schedule that covers everything from benefits, your role, tools, team, and company rhythms.
  • We take the heavy lifting and complexity of new hire paperwork and replace it with simple, no nonsense approach and leverage quick digital process through a modern HR portal.


Upload your resume and answer a short questionnaire, if applicable to your role.

Our commitment to you

Win with speed

We’re serious about finding the best talent, fast!

Just as we accelerate time-to-value for our clients, we want to help you achieve your career goals quickly too. We won’t let the ball drop by taking our (and your!) time when we sense a good match.

If you haven’t heard from us within 2 business days, email [email protected].

Honest communication

You’ll never be in the dark when you’re dealing with us! Transparency is key at every stage of the hiring process: We make it clear what we’re looking for from the start, and you’ll always know about next steps and timelines.

You can also ask us any questions about the role or the company and we’ll answer with 100% honesty. It’s important that you’re equipped with the information you need to make the best decision for YOU.

Engineering Principles

You’ll probably hear us talk a lot about finding the “Better Way”: it’s our driving motivation in everything we do. Our set of engineering principles—collectively known as The Better Way—take the best practices we’ve cultivated over the years and distill them into actionable guidelines that empower teams to be successful. They’re summed up as five key directives:

  • Demonstrate Empathy
  • Take Tiny Steps
  • Limit Risk
  • Seek Evidence
  • Get Things Right Once
Engineering Principles Headspring

We use these as a foundation when creating training material, when coaching teammates, and when making decisions within our own work. As you navigate the hiring process, we want to help you get to know more about the way we work, and also give you a little foundation for your coding exercise. Learn more about these principles on our website:

Core Values

Shared values are important to the success of any team. Our Core Values are what keep our intentional culture intact as we continue to grow.

The interview process is a good chance for you to demonstrate how you embody some of these values in your own work and life. Learning about these core values as you apply for a role at Headspring will help you determine if we’re a great culture fit for you!

Life at Headspring