Software modernization is fundamentally about change—which can be exciting to change leaders and IT advocates. But software doesn’t stand on its own: It’s created, maintained, and used by teams of people throughout your organization, and those people have real limits to the amount of change they can adapt to at once.

In this talk from DOES Las Vegas, we were proud to team up with one of our partners in the Insurance industry to talk about the people-side of this technical process. Travelers insurance company had enlisted us to help them with a long-term modernization project designed that would enable them to scale into new coverage areas more quickly.

Kari Brey, VP of Information Technology at Travelers, was our close stakeholder on this project. She joined Headspring’s VP of Service Delivery, Vasudha Prabhala, to talk about how we worked together with their team to avoid the kind of change overload that can cause a modernization project to short out too quickly. They’ll walk you through some tactics for getting people to embrace new technologies and practices and show you how to craft a people-centric plan to smooth the transition. You’ll learn:

  • Why the emotional threshold among different stakeholder groups matters to your project
  • How to identify sources of resistance (is it the tech team? Is it the business? Is it both?)
  • How to prioritize what to change and when, and measure whether it’s effective

Kari and Vasudha also talk about how an incremental approach to modernization helps drive acceptance across project teams, stakeholders, and end-users. This means being realistic about what amount of change different groups can internalize and keeping that at the forefront of planning. For example, your IT team may be all-in on a new technology that’s completely unfamiliar to the rest of the business. How do you introduce the new thing slowly so that the business doesn’t balk and levels of enthusiasm start to align?

Watch the full talk to learn from leaders who have been there how to put all of these ideas into practice and safeguard your modernization effort.

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