Headspring Mexico Best Place To Code

We’re pleased to announce that Headspring has once again made  Software Guru’s list of Best Places to Code—named the #3 agency in the Boutique Firms category. We appreciate our team in Mexico for this win, as it was there candid and anonymous feedback that landed us on the list.Software Guru is a media and agency that builds relationships with leading software developers in Latin America. Their annual “Best Places to Code” awards recognizes those companies that are a pleasure to work for as a technology professional, regardless of the size, location or sector of the company. And this year, the challenges of creating a great work environment were much higher.

“We know that 2020 was a very difficult year for many companies due to all the changes that were generated by the pandemic. However, several companies had already been transforming their culture and adapted faster than others. A clear example is remote work,” said Mara Ruvalcaba, Director of Operations at Software Guru.

Hundreds of technology professionals confidentially evaluated the companies they worked for, and Software Guru selected the best of the best to honor.

Pedro Galván, Director of Software Guru, assures that in recent years they have managed to make the evaluation process the most transparent, reliable, and practical. “Many people believe that the list is made up of companies that pay to appear but the reality is that not all companies that are evaluated obtain a passing grade,” he said. There are a lot of other “best places” awards out there, but Best Places to Code is distinguished by the confidentiality and authenticity of their evaluations.

We’re humbled by the candid love we received from our Mexico team, who are true technology experts and awesome people.

By the way, we’re hiring in MX! Check out the open opportunities and apply today!