When something goes wrong in a single application, you normally get a nice stack trace. But when something goes strong in a distributed system, you get almost nothing! You could add some logging, but then you have to comb through those logs to understand what led to the failures.
There must be a better way, right?
In this talk from NDC Sydney, Chief Architect Jimmy Bogard gives us the low-down on distributed tracing. Distributed tracing provides a true end-to-end view of an operation in a system. In this presentation, Jimmy talks to us about new diagnostics capabilities in .NET Core, and how we can leverage them to expose and propagate tracing data. He also looks at new standards that can help us avoid vendor lock-in for tracing. Last but not least, Jimmy dives into the Open Telemetry project, an observability framework designed to help you understand your software’s performance and behavior. He explains exactly how we can leverage it to target any tracing tool with ease.


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