A software engineer with great coding skills and great communication skills is a diamond in the rough. But maybe it’s high-time you shine!
Even if you’re more comfortable interacting with software than with people, you already have the tools to break out of the “introverted developer” box and advance to the next level. That’s because software engineers are great problem solvers at heart, and effective communication is just another problem to solve. Becoming a better communicator is not impossible or even difficult. All it takes is a little ego-shedding and adapting to the communication styles of others.
Recorded at this year’s online Open Source Summit, this talk digs into why communication matters, and how exactly to go about it. We explore tactics for shedding the “self,” putting yourself in another’s place, and practicing patience and empathy so you can balance the energy of any conversation. You’ll learn how this impacts your interactions, and how to channel those skills into your code to become a stronger software engineer.
Don’t worry, you can keep your INFP title, but you might add some more impressive ones to the list in the near future!

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