PPTA Headspring Partnership

SUMMARY: Headspring has partnered with Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) to develop a single, responsive web application that will enhance the collection and transmission of lifesaving plasma used to treat patients with rare and chronic diseases.

AUSTIN, TX, May 26, 2020 | PRNewsWireHeadspring, a leader in software strategy and development, has partnered with the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) to develop a state-of-the-art system that will help protect and ensure donor health and plasma safety, accelerating the production of life-saving plasma protein therapies (PPTs) to treat patients with rare, chronic diseases.

This new system will have a tangible impact on the plasma collection process and the patients who depend on PPTs.

Headspring’s CEO, Dustin Wells, shared, “We are excited and privileged to work with PPTA. As a mission-driven software engineering and consulting firm, the impact of the work we do is paramount. The opportunity to positively impact the world of healthcare is a true privilege, one that we take very seriously.”

Headspring will replace the legacy system and develop and maintain a single, fully responsive web application system that gives plasma collectors seamless access to two databases: the National Donor Deferral Registry (NDDR) and the Cross Donation Check System (CDCS). PPTA will benefit from their intimate knowledge of the particular challenges that medical device companies face, as well as their experience navigating the FDA’s 510(k) submission process to bring modern medical products to market.

“PPTA is looking forward to working with Headspring to develop this advanced system,” remarked Joshua Penrod, PPTA Senior Vice President, Source and International Affairs. “It will enhance the plasma collection experience for donors and centers alike, especially during a time when lifesaving plasma donations are needed more than ever.”

Granting users and administrators access to both databases furthers PPTA’s mission by getting sufficient human source plasma, collected from healthy donors, to millions of patients worldwide.

About PPTA

The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA), a global industry trade association, represents the private sector manufacturers of plasma-derived and recombinant analog therapies (collectively known as plasma protein therapies), and the collectors of source plasma used for fractionation. PPTA also administers standards and programs that help ensure the quality and safety of plasma protein therapies, donors, and patients.

About Headspring

Headspring is a custom software development company, born and bred in Austin, TX, with partnerships across the country. From application development and enterprise architecture to full-on IT modernization, Headspring’s solutions are designed to help their partners move faster, work better, and stand out in a shifting market.

NOTE: Donors with questions about NDDR should visit https://www.pptaglobal.org/safety-quality/national-donor-deferral-registry. Headspring Healthcare can
only confirm that a donor has been deferred, and by whom. We have no further information and are not authorized to alter NDDR records.