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With Headspring’s COVID-19 Data by State Analyzer, individuals can drill down on real-time, easily-understandable data regarding the number of cases and fatalities in their exact regions. The dashboard was custom-built to give people the facts they need to drive safe back to work strategies. It’s free and open to the public.

Headspring, a lead software consultancy, has opened up their custom COVID-19 Data Analyzer to the public. It was developed to help people navigate critical decisions for re-entry into physical offices, providing a data-driven approach to understanding what’s happening in individual regions and states.

As the country looks towards reopening and begins to prepare for a new way of operating, many questions arise about how to make the best decisions for people and businesses. The COVID-19 Data by State Analyzer puts the facts at our fingertips.

Glenn Burnside, EVP of Strategy and Operations, said, “As we developed our re-entry plan, it was important to us to make rational, deliberate decisions based on real data. We built the COVID-19 Data by State Analyzer because we wanted to have clarity about what’s happening both in our region and around the country. We needed a single source of truth for our team and a clear way to see trends, so we can safely and responsibly re-engage with our physical office spaces and face-to-face with our team members across the country.”

The custom-built Power BI dashboard draws data from the New York Times’ Github-hosted coronavirus dataset and creates an interactive UI that lets users surface information relevant to their own locations. By introducing a modeling layer on top of daily reports of the cumulative cases and fatalities across the US, the Data Analyzer surfaces some key insights:

  • Daily new cases and daily new fatalities by state and by county
  • A two-week moving average of daily new cases and daily fatalities
  • The growth rate of new cases and fatalities in a two-week period relative to the previous two weeks

These insights can be accessed by drilling down on an interactive map and are visualized via easily-understandable charts.

The insights are informed by the federal government’s criteria and phased re-entry guidelines and include two key drivers: the growth rate in cases and the growth rate in fatalities. The model monitors both factors and clearly indicates whether a  selected locale is or isn’t meeting re-entry criteria.

Dustin Wells, CEO of Headspring, said, “We are so excited to contribute an analytics tool that can help businesses make data-driven decisions about when they should return to work safely. We are not advocating reopening, but we want leaders to see the facts so they can understand what’s really going on and can make decisions that are the best for their employees.”

Headspring originally built the COVID-19 Data by State Analyzer as an internal tool to guide decision making. Recognizing its value to the wider community, Headspring decided to make it publicly available on their site and free for anyone to use.

About Headspring
Headspring is a consulting software company born and bred in Austin, TX, with partnerships across the country. From application development and enterprise architecture to full-on IT modernization, their solutions are designed to help companies move faster, work better, and stand out in fast-changing markets. Headspring has cultivated a strong culture across its offices and individual locations throughout the country and abroad. They draw on their vast experience building and managing distributed teams to deliver added value to their community in this critical time.

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