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Things have changed quickly for us all during the current COVID-19 crisis. Businesses have had to make sacrifices to protect our communities: Things get put on hold, routines get sidelined, and priorities shift.

Right now, our top priority is helping you to respond quickly and strategically to this unprecedented shift to remote life—and to come out a more agile organization. Transitioning to a new working model can seed uncertainty amongst your teams and put a lot of stress on the business. We’re right there with you. Luckily, the working models that we’ve built to support our own distributed teams have helped us adapt to this “new normal” more quickly and preserve both continuity and connectedness. We’re committed to sharing our experience and leveraging these insights to help our community (that’s you).

Finding the “better way” is what we believe in: We wanted a better way to build software, and we found it. Embedded in those software development practices are methods for working better together, driving greater productivity, and keeping teams both connected and engaged. As we hone our own approach to this crisis, we’ll continue to share expertise, advice, and resources that we believe will be helpful to you. We’d love to hear about specific problems that we can help you solve in this time of crisis—so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Stay connected and stay safe. We’ll all be stronger for it.

Asynchronous, agile, engaged: Tools to strengthen team certainty

Our new remote reality is more complex than it looks: It’s not just the physical distance, it’s the fluctuating schedules and finding ways to communicate effectively while working asynchronously. How do you keep teams engaged in this environment? How do you keep both morale and producitivity afloat?

We joined with the engagement experts at Workify to host a webinar that answers these questions and more. We’re here to help you

  • Learn best practices for enhancing collaboration and throughput
  • Get access to Workify’s Conversations tool
  • Find out how to implement engagement insights and tactics

Our presenters are:
Glenn Burnside, EVP Strategy & Operations, Headspring
Stephen Huerta, Co-founder & CEO, Workify


Try Workify’s engagement tools for free

Workify is opening up some of their powerful engagement tools during this crisis to help employers better understand employee sentiment and respond in a smart and deliberate way.

Climate Pulse Surveys are designed by an I/O Psychology team to help you measure the following key topics during this critical time:

  • Disaster Response
  • Remote Working
  • Availability of Resources
  • Innovation Ideas

Workify Conversations is an “always on” anonymous feedback tool that empowers your employees to offer unsolicited observations to your HR team at anytime. It’s a private and effective method to guage your team members’’ overall happiness and wellbeing.

Start your 30-day free trial of Workify Conversations and access the Climate Pulse Survey templates:


Get Your Guide: “Remote work can work”

Want a cheat sheet to reference some of the productivity principles we talked about in our webinar? Print the guide and post it up at your work-from-home setup or share it with your remote colleagues:

Remote-relevant blogs

Because we’ve been working effectively as a distributed team for so long, we’ve gathered lots of insights on how to work from home work and manage a remote workforce. Check out some recent blogs from our remote-work experts:

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