The lofty task of breaking down your unmanageable monolith can keep you from ever getting started. But the hard fact is that Modernization is a Must if you want to keep up in your market—and it’s not as daunting as you think once you start breaking down the process.

At Lead Dev Austin, our Chief Architect Jimmy Bogard took audiences on a modernization journey, sharing the story of how we helped a 100+ year old insurance organization move off their old mainframe in and into the future.

After decades on the existing legacy system, we pitched a plan to migrate a company to a new, microservices-based architecture. Convincing management seemed easy, but then we had to deliver: Take the years-old legacy system and break it apart into smaller services and systems that they can actually maintain. But where to start? How do we decide what gets migrated first? How do we define our service boundaries? And how do we make sure everyone involved—from users to operations—is on board and excited about the new system when we’ve most certainly moved their cheese?

In this video, Jimmy leverages this transformation story to help you discover strategies for busting apart the monolith, from the front-end to the back end. He reviews database refactoring techniques that help keep your risks down and introduces analysis tools to guide you through the tangled web of dependencies in the legacy code so you can deliver robust new systems without breaking the old.

Thanks to Lead Dev for hosting, and everyone who came out to the discussion!

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Lead Dev Austin 2019
The crew from Lead Dev Austin 2019.

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