In this video, our Chief Architect Jimmy Bogard and Principal Consultant Yogi Aradhye will introduce you to Kubernetes: a powerful tool for automating the deployment, management, and scale of containerized applications.

Maybe you’re already using containers and you need a tool to help you manage them. Or maybe you’re thinking of moving to the cloud and need a solution to migrate, manage, and scale your back-end services. Kubernetes has the built-in capabilities to help you manage a multiplicity of containers and more efficiently upgrade your system. Our two experts will walk you through:

  • What Kubernetes is
  • How it helps organizations using containers
  • How it can help you scale in the cloud
  • When and when not to use Kubernetes

Both Jimmy and Yogi have built a vast knowledge-base about how best to leverage Kubernetes. If you’re interested in diving deeper into how the tool can help you, we’d love to talk. Just drop us a line!

For more on containers and microservices, check out the wealth of content on our blog.

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