Trivia Night at Headspring

Winners have been chosen, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve made the list of Best Companies to Work for in Texas—for the seventh year straight. The 2019 winners will be ranked in April, but we owe our continued recognition to the ongoing participation and candid feedback from our team.

Eligible companies are scored based on an in-depth employer questionnaire (25%) and a company-wide employee survey (75%). Employers are asked to outline their company policies, practices, and demographics, while employees weigh in on eight core areas including:

  1. Leadership and Planning
  2. Corporate Culture and Communications
  3. Role Satisfaction
  4. Work Environment
  5. Relationship with Supervisor
  6. Training, Development and Resources
  7. Pay and Benefits
  8. Overall Engagement

Once again, these results speak louder than words when it comes to the culture we’ve consciously built. Our CEO Dustin Wells is also co-founder of the engagement-tracking company, Workify, and his teams are accustomed to offering regular and honest feedback. While answers are always anonymous, the results are transparent, so we can hash out any issues—or celebrate our successes—together as a company and individually.

We’ve grown quite a bit in the past year, with new hires across the company and an expanding team in Monterrey. It’s recognition like this one that have brought the right people to our doors. We look forward to revealing our rank in April, but for now, check out recent news which highlights our people, environment, and culture.

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