custom data visualization

Businesses are amassing more and more data, but data are often scattered and can be difficult to access. Today, powerful data modernization software—like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau—helps businesses to aggregate, analyze, and visualize their data. However, an up-to-date dashboard alone won’t give you the edge: there’s much more that can be done to tailor it to the needs of your business and your users. Custom data visualization paired with business intelligence helps leaders to wrangle their data and make more informed decisions. Custom data visualization maintains brand consistency by removing barriers related to user experience, brand language, visual identity, and work effort so that users can focus on the information needed to make decisions. When a company marries data modernization and customization, leaders can leverage powerful software and institutional knowledge to gain actionable insights quicker and better.

Making data more accessible

For companies that have a robust database but no human analysts to interpret it, a tailored analytics platform can deliver the right insights to all those who need them. Customization of a company’s processes makes accessing the correct information easier for all stakeholders. Through customization, companies can leverage an existing data set and pinpoint the important pieces while making data easy to see and understand. Executives, directors, and managers can consume useful information and make meaningful interpretations without having to parse through raw data or rows and columns.

Creating a seamless experience

Combining custom data visualization with powerful analytic software also creates an important continuity of experience for users. This integration makes data visualization part of the user’s native experience, allowing individuals to analyze their data as a natural step in the process, rather than having to access separate software or wait for results from another department. A seamless data experience for users matches the style of the company website by utilizing dashboard embedding and custom UI elements. Users remain in their current workflow, eliminating the need for separate logins or window toggling, and provides authorized users with consistent access to the same data with accuracy. Keeping users within a trusted environment that they’re accustomed to can reduce inefficiencies and speed adoption rates.

the case for custom data visualization

Empowering users with what works for them

Configurable visual reports give clients real-time insights that enable them to monitor effectiveness and pivot at the drop of a hat. Creating automated alerts lets users receive updates on the KPIs that are important to them, without having to query for results. A custom experience also removes a language barrier when it comes to data: everyone in the organization now talks about the same things in the same way. One web application with common verbiage and visuals works for more than just displays: we can create custom filtering options that help users dig into the outliers. The ability to see a spike in a graph, simply click it to get the full details, and even select properties to change the navigation on the web application empowers users.

The business case for custom data visualization

As software consultants, we recommend custom data visualization to our clients, not just because we like building elegant solutions. There are real benefits to the bottom line. Customization helps reduce the work effort needed to develop and maintain an integrated business intelligence solution. This keeps the costs flat and becomes less burdensome, which builds efficiency into the process of obtaining the insights needed to improve the business. This benefit extends beyond reduced work effort; removing barriers to obtaining insights keeps users engaged and productive. Obstacles discourage progress and motivation; modernization paired with custom data visualization creates more actionable insights and a more rewarding experience that staves off demoralization of the churn. This combination of business intelligence software and customized code streamlines business processes and generates insights that were not possible before. Measuring the things that matter to your business and making them easy to access and understand delivers insights that companies can act on right away.

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