Jimmy Bogard presenting on Containers at DevUps 2018


Containers are essentially Lego bricks that you can do whatever you want with. They allow you to have a starting point for building something and then you can put whatever you want on top of that through some very simple tools and techniques.

In this No Dogma podcast, our own Lego-brick enthusiast Jimmy Bogard dives into containers, what they’re good for, and when to use them. He covers:

  • What is a container, actually? What can go inside?
  • How containers can benefit everyday .NET developers
  • The difference between Windows and Linux containers
  • When to use one over the other
  • Is an app inside of a container a microservice?

Containers, it turns out, are actually not a thing; they’re a collection of things—they exist on a spectrum between a physical box and a virtual machine, enabling you to build something semi-isolated that’s relatively small and fast. For developers working in the very cross-platform .NET, containers make sense from a global dependency and deployment standpoint, and they can be a powerful tool for projects related to enterprise architecture. Listen to find out more!

UPDATE: Jimmy recently took his topic to DevUp 2018, where he gave a captivating (if humble) talk to his audience. You can watch the live video presentation and slideshow in tandem over at InfoQ.com:

Containers: What are they good for? [VIDEO ft. Jimmy Bogard]