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Headspring’s CEO Dustin Wells chatted with Culturati for a Q&A session on company culture. Here’s a preview and check out the full article on the Culturati Medium.

Why does culture matter?

Culture is the engine that drives the entire business — because it’s all about your people. My job as a CEO is to create an environment where our people can do their best work and where they can learn and grow faster here than anywhere else.

What’s one key insight about culture you would share with others?

Culture has to be intentional if you want it to be an asset. Every company has a culture…if you want a good one, that takes work.

Who do you most admire (company or leader) as a culture role model?

Our culture is a “grab bag” of best practices that were inspired by many companies and thought leaders. We have put these elements together in a unique way that makes it fit really well for us. Some of the leaders that inspired my thinking about culture are Jim Collins, Daniel Pink and Verne Harnish.

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