Relational databases have been built upon for decades—but as flexible as it is, the relational model can’t accommodate all of the complex scenarios incurred in modern application development.

Enter Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed database with agility at built into its very core. The benefits are compelling for businesses looking to escape the confines of SQL and find flexible solutions to keep growing:

  • It’s scalable and priced as such, so you only pay for what you need.
  • It supports multiple models (key-value, columnar, document, graphs—and more to come), and various APIs.
  • It’s ideal for applications that require global scale (e.g., manufacturing systems, mobile apps).

Our resident guru Jimmy Bogard enlightened audiences at NDC Minnesota by diving into the key features and tradeoffs of Azure Cosmos DB, and outlining the multiple modeling techniques. You can catch the full talk below:

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