Built In Austin asked CEOs at five Austin tech companies to share moments of genius born outside the C-suite that impacted the entire organization.

Dustin Wells shares how employees make a difference at Headspring and how employee impact is recognized and celebrated. Here’s a preview, and head over to Built in Austin for the full article. 

Headspring CEO Dustin Wells said employees outside leadership impact the company’s bottom line on a regular basis. Wells said the company’s project teams have more control over business outcomes than anyone else, as they are the ones identifying new business opportunities from existing clients. 

Not that long ago, one of our clients came to us with an urgent request for a security audit on an existing system, which isn’t something we advertise among our services. One of the project team members happened to have a background in security analysis, so he got with the account manager, put a plan together, did the full analysis and shipped it all back to the client within 24 hours. The client was blown away by our commitment, execution speed and the quality of our work. That small engagement’s led to multiple long-running engagements with that client.

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