Headspring’s Chief Architect Jimmy Bogard chatted with Built In Austin to give an inside look at the technologies and projects at Headspring, plus an interview tip!

Here’s a preview:

“A lot of our projects involve rewrite or architecture migrations from existing, legacy business applications,” Bogard said. “In many cases, the hard part is figuring out how we can tease out different functions, decouple them and redeploy them in smaller units — but do it without having to do a ground-up rewrite.”

In order to do so, Bogard said the team coaches clients to think about software assets as products instead of projects. This line of thinking, he said, can lead to better support infrastructure behind small, incremental builds while still maintaining their existing production applications.  

“Externally, we’ve got several large microservice re-architecture projects underway with our clients, helping steer them through decomposing their monolithic business applications down into a set of lightweight, loosely-coupled, autonomous services,” he said.

INTERVIEW TIPLearn Headspring’s five core values and be able to reference specific examples from your life and work experience that exemplify each one.


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