You want to transition an application to a microservices architecture, but how do you tie it all together for the final end user? This is the microservices last mile challenge- delivering services to the end-user for a unified and seamless experience. And it’s what matters most.

See Jimmy Bogard, Headspring’s Chief Architect, give a talk at NDC Oslo on the role of UI in a microservices architecture, in the presentation “Compositional UIs – the Microservices Last Mile.”

Here’s a recap of topics:

  • Strategy: Common reasons why we need to build composite applications
  • Approach: Compositional techniques for microservice-based user interfaces
  • Choosing a framework: Front-end, back-end, and data tier compositional patterns
  • Results: Benefits and pitfalls of each approach

This video was originally posted by NDC Conferences and can be found on their YouTube channel.

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