What makes a great leader? Built in Austin invited 3 CEOs, including Headspring’s CEO Dustin Wells, to dish on their favorite previous boss. Dustin shares the impact a former boss made on his growth and how it influenced his leadership style:


Built in Austin: Unlike some seasoned tech leaders, who have had many bosses, Headspring President and CEO Dustin Wells has only had one. And his name was Greg. Wells said Greg regularly brought him books, tapes and other programs to work on his professional development on his own time. This interest in his personal growth spurred both positive and negative effects on his current approach to leadership.

Built in Austin: When did you realize Greg was an amazing boss?

Dustin Wells: I knew when we first started working together. He took an immediate interest in my growth and took time to understand my goals in the bigger picture. He was supportive of my path and gave me the resources to grow my skills and myself.

Built in Austin: How has Greg influenced your management style today?

Dustin Wells: In a positive way, I try to be supportive of others’ paths, even if that means they will not be with Headspring long term. I am supportive of entrepreneurial paths especially and am excited when someone leaves Headspring with the skills and passion to launch their own business.

On the negative side, I was always grateful for the resources Greg provided me, but I took it upon myself to apply those resources and really get the most from them. Today, I am quick to provide a great deal of resources for the learning and growth of my team, but I expect them to make the personal investment to use and apply them for their learning.

Sometimes the pressure on my team to invest their personal time is not realistic given their other commitments, which puts unnecessary strain on them.


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