In this case study snapshot, a global chip and the electronics manufacturing company needed a modern manufacturing system that would integrate with their SCM/ ERP capabilities.

The company’s legacy manufacturing execution system (MES) that ran the production lines for 60 plants worldwide was custom-built and locally deployed. Not only was the application unable to integrate with other business-critical systems, updating or upgrading it required significant manufacturing downtime, translating into millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Headspring Solution

A re-architected and modernized MES delivered on time and on budget, incorporating legacy production information with:

  • Streamlined workflow and operations
  • Highly configurable web-based management system
  • Strategic and profitable go-live deployments
  • SAP integrations


A highly modifiable web-based management system that allowed the client real-time visibility and new capabilities to ensure:

  • Eliminated downtime on the line for software upgrades (previously costing, on average, $1 million per minute)
  • Configurability via the plug-in based solution presenting a superior update process from both HQ and local IT locations
  • Cross-functional SCM/ERP data delivery for total business insight

What this means for you

Headspring partners with clients to deliver tailored business solutions. We combine white-glove delivery, technical consultation, and iterative deployment with a very high-caliber of engineering talent.

This client took advantage of our flexible contracting and support model and onshore technical team to see this project delivered. Our specialty in system modernization is just one reason this client in particular has referred us to other business units and remains a partner with Headspring to this day.

And, you can too. Learn more about how Headspring partners with clients to deliver tailored business solutions: contact us or call me at (877) 459–2260.

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