Authored by by Scott Lowden 

Facing challenges in the Energy sector? Learn how a cloud-based, data monitoring application transformed this client’s drilling business:

An industry leader in innovative solutions for horizontal and directional drilling equipment, the company’s sensor-enabled drill bits provides data about the earth material that is being penetrated to avoid burning out the drill bit and creating costly rig downtime. The company needed a system of record that would allow them to aggregate data from multiple drilling rigs for performance monitoring. While they had developed two application prototypes internally, they were unable to bring either into production.

The Headspring Solution

Faced with these challenges, Headspring zeroed in on how to ensure the client received a scalable solution they could use internally as well as integrate with their product line as a new competitive advantage. A cloud-based, data monitoring application was deployed that allowed the client real-time visibility and monitoring of:

  • Remote and on-site aggregate drilling data from multiple rigs
  • Monitoring and alert scenarios of possible issues that could cause drilling downtime
  • Live, graphical representation of drill and drill bit activity
  • Satellite upload support of data for global sharing


  • An interactive, visual aggregation of the real-time data reducing project, downtime, and operational costs via:
  • A “single source of truth” of graphical and data aggregates of rig-specific and organization-wide drilling status
  • Constant real-time rig monitoring so sites no longer require onsite specialists
  • Improved data-driven visibility into field operations
  • Greater predictive ability to identify potential field failures saving costly downtime

What this means for you

Headspring takes tailored application development further by including white-glove delivery, technical consultation, and iterative deployment. By combining this model and high-caliber engineering talent, we help our clients take control of their information to better serve their customers.

This client took advantage of our flexible contracting model and 100% onshore technical team to see this project delivered.

And, you can too. Learn more about how Headspring partners with clients to deliver tailored business solutions, contact us.


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