A case study I most often refer to is this one for a brand name company that were having problems with a recent corporate acquisition:

A Fortune 100 organization acquired a company that builds, manufactures, and sells flame scanning equipment as a value add to their product portfolio. Understanding the complexities of the new tool’s scanner data and how to integrate it with companion technologies instigated the project. However, soon after the acquisition was complete, the entire in-house software development team departed which left the organization exposed and their ability to support existing products and develop new products was at risk. The monitoring software was also suffering from a long list of known defects, some of which had been lingering unresolved in the product backlog for years.

The Headspring Solution

Headspring quickly assembled a team to resolve the key business challenge and deliver to the client:

  • Analysis of the device software and assessment of its functionality and stability
  • A redesign of the entire application, including packaging and installation processes
  • Established artifacts of past and presently installed systems and versions


A victory for the new acquisition, important to both organizations and media scrutiny, that included:

  • A new product version with over 50 enhancements
  • Bug fixes; many of which were frequent sources of customer complaints for years
  • A functional proof of concept for a next generation version with a modernized user interface and streamlined functionality
  • An ongoing partnership providing new capabilities and support for future product development and business growth

What this means for you

Headspring partners with clients to deliver tailored business solutions. We combine white-glove delivery, technical consultation, and iterative deployment with a very high-caliber of engineering talent.

This client took advantage of our ability to bring in a team to diagnose, scope and guarantee a delivery that resolved business concerns almost immediately. As a matter of fact, this was the first of multiple projects we’ve completed for this enterprise client because Headspring has become a “go-to” partner.

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