Authored by Liel Navon

This past weekend Headspring hosted AustinGiveCamp a local, community-focused charity event spearheaded by our director of engineering. The purpose of GiveCamp is to introduce non-profit organizations to talented web and technology professionals willing to dedicate a weekend to help their cause.

In September, Headspring Houston hosted GiveCamp for 5 nonprofits and 20 volunteers. The Austin GiveCamp hosted 7 nonprofits and over 40 volunteers. (By the way, Headspring’s only involvement was supplying the workspace and food — everything else was entirely volunteer driven and supported.)

The results have been astounding and a lot of praise should be sent to Ben Heebner for running the show in Austin and Dane Schilling in Houston. Even more should go to recognize each of the volunteers and nonprofits. It was a rewarding experience getting to know about these heartfelt initiatives in our respective communities:

Austin GiveCamp – Participating Non-Profits

Austin Symphonic Band
Grief to Peace
Capital IDEA
Knockout VolleyballDance Another World
Libraries of Love
Girl Start

Houston GiveCamp – Participating Non-Profits

Crossfire Equine Rescue
Education Rainbow Challenge
Beta Chi Theta Foundation
Jiu Jitsu Outdoor Experience
DAVM School

Thank you goes to these companies for their ancillary support (promotional, food, time and resource support):


Next year’s Houston and Austin GiveCamps are already in the works.If you would like to be involved be sure to visit the website to see local opportunities.

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