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[UPDATED October 12, 2015]

As a Senior Consultant at Headspring, I get to do a lot of remarkable things. For example, I’ve contributed to many projects ranging from a cutting edge higher education data tool to a customer support portal for one of the largest private home builders in the country. However, the most rewarding project I’ve been a part of here has not been a Headspring project at all.

I lead the Houston effort for our GiveCamp initiative. Headspring hosts GiveCamp events where two of our Texas branches set up a weekend for local technology professionals to donate time and provide solutions to non-profit organizations. Since its inception in 2007, GiveCamp events have provided benefits to hundreds of charities, worth millions of dollars of developer and designer time in services.

Recently, the Houston GiveCamp event hosted 20 volunteers from five companies to support five local charities. As the Houston event “captain”, I saw charities get access to talented developers that ended up building them entirely new websites in one weekend. As for the developers: I saw them flourish in the opportunity to give back to the community while growing their skills and network.

Austin Community! The deadline for Austin-area Tech Professionals and Nonprofits to register for GiveCamp is October 15, 2015 October 30, 2015

As our Austin location is our corporate headquarters, the GiveCamp initiative there should be more than double. I mention this because they are currently soliciting volunteers and charities for their GiveCamp weekend (which will be November 13-15). The deadline to register is has been extended and is not accepting registrations through October 30th.

The way it works is: technology developers, designers, project managers, and runners are invited to volunteer at this website. Having the registration deadline a month before the event helps organizers understand what resources the team has and how many nonprofits can be served. The only requirement of the volunteers is that they commit to the weekend and be prepared to bring their “a-game”.

As for the nonprofits (that are also encouraged to register before the 15th): the “Austin captain” will try their hardest to be able to accommodate every group. With the month before the event, each nonprofit is paired with a project manager to scope out their needs to set up a productive weekend in November. The only requirements for the nonprofits is their availability to the success of their project.

Now It’s Your Turn

The nonprofits we have been able to serve are valuable to our communities. For the Houston event, I, personally, helped organize projects from a nonprofit school to an outdoor martial arts symposium. It feels great to be able to lend a hand doing something that seems so easy to the technically savvy but so incredibly challenging for organizations working with very limited resources.

  • If you are in Austin (or will be November 13-15): Visit this website to learn more.
  • If you are interested in the next Houston GiveCamp in April of 2016 — please email me. My address is my name, Dane (dot) Schilling (at) Headspring (dot) com.
  • If you were part of any of the past GiveCamp events, please add a comment to describe your experience with the event and the community.

I hope to see you at one or both of these truly rewarding experiences!


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