11x engineering

Authored by JT McCormick

The “10x Engineer” was first coined back in the 60s and, though it’s hotly contested by some, the idea that excellent engineers are 10 times as productive as average ones is generally regarded as a yardstick or resume bullet for competitively-inclined software developers.

Here at Headspring, we recognize the makeup of a 10x engineer excellent, but we take it a step further. Put another way: we turn things up to 11.

What makes this possible is the foundation of our Core Value Message: “We Believe There’s a Better Way.

These aren’t just words painted on a hallway wall or emblazoned on a mug. It’s who we are. And with four “Best Places to Work” awards within the last three months, alone, it’s a message that resonates across our practices and team.

This better way is what our culture is all about: empowering our people to work together to find the best answers to problems, even if they get there by unusual means. We’re proud to cultivate innovative thinkers who know that if you don’t try anything new, you won’t achieve anything great.

For our engineers, that certainly means applying the latest in technology and skills. But more than that, it means seeking out disruptive ways to create impactful change for our clients – being unafraid to embrace modern innovations because they know they’re working within a team of open-source veterans and for an organization that supports their goals.

Not a place for everyone.

Complacency is about doing things the way they’ve always been done. When we shout from the rooftops, “We Believe There’s a Better Way” it’s about confronting complacency. Not only is there a better way to achieve success, there’s a better way to conceive of and envision that success: A Better Way to the Better Way.

No one is excluded from this mission. When the highest amongst our ranks are challenged to develop, test, and prove our own best practices, we’re practicing what we preach to our client teams. This ensures that challenging contentment is not only the goal; it’s engrained in our culture.

Headspring has little regard for “comfort zones,” and therefore, we offer a unique culture for unique engineers – 11x Engineers – that want to find a better way to do things in a place that supports them.

How do 11x Engineers feel about working at Headspring?

Check out this video that we developed after the Center for Generational Kinetics asked us “what makes a great place for Millennials” before bestowing us with one of their Best Places to Work Awards.

And, you’re welcome to learn for yourself. If this sounds like the kind of place and team you can make a difference, we’re hiring.



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About the 11x Engineer

The 11x Engineer is a series of essays on exploring the benefits, challenges, and other considerations of working within a community of high-skilled, mission-driven people delivering business transformative software in short time frames (Headspring’s value-based delivery being an exemplar of this model). We call this approach to amplifying results 11x Engineering. Articles in this series are dedicated to the art of maximizing the value of your projects through passion, drive, talent, and humility.


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