When the topic of re-architecting legacy platforms comes up, we are fortunate to have a renowned expert in house. Jimmy Bogard, our chief technical architect, has a penchant for “telling it like it is” and relaying his experience to quickly diagnose a problem and pair it with a plan of attack for Headspring clients.

Recently, Jimmy has been asked to share his expertise on the topic of “evolutionary architecture” that hones on simplicity for the sake of scalability, and pinpoints red flags of slapdash or overdone engineering. Four totally different publications have tapped Jimmy for his expertise in the month of June alone. When combined, they make for a great primer on “evolutionary architecture.”

1. Migrating to the Cloud: Best Practices in Re-Platforming Legacy Apps

This downloadable Best Practices Guide details key considerations for re-architecting legacy applications to perform in cloud environments, including common migration pitfalls.

2. Evolutionary Architecture Provides the Path to Concise, Functional Code

For InfoWorld, the focus of simplicity is easier said than done. In this short-but-sweet post, systems architects are given an alternative to these polar opposites: over-engineering and anti-patterns.

3. The Primacy of Simplicity

In the Podcast for Developer on Fire, learn about building systems at scale and focusing on the problem before concocting a solution. On this webpage, see a transcript of topics including “Jimmy’s definition of value” and “Testing in a realistic environment”.

4. SOLID Architecture in Slices — Not Layers

The video below was taken during the NDC event in Oslo, Norway where Jimmy frankly “takes on the monolith” and walks through an anonymous client story as a straw man for conceptualizing immediate improvements to how one implements a re-architecture project.


Commonality of Theme

The above provides a white paper, online article, podcast, and conference presentation – a menu of offerings based on your preference and interest in learning more. In each, the common theme is to challenge unnecessarily complicated infrastructures while also ensuring delivery milestones of viable products. The value to Headspring clients is this backbone to projects. Kudos to Jimmy for the recognition he deserves.



SOLID Architecture in Slices not Layers – Jimmy Bogard from NDC Conferences.


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