Businesses from all industries need easy access to better insights for the constantly changing aspects of strategic applications and business transformation goals. Headspring, as the company with the strongest focus on ROI in the industry, will administer the survey to allow companies to quickly benchmark against other large IT infrastructures.

The survey seeks respondents from executive management and IT management to contribute to the 10-question, five minute survey. Participants who complete the survey will receive the executive report and recommendations document as soon as it becomes available. The key learnings from the survey will be organized specifically for large enterprises to provide valuable insights into their outsourcing and business transformation directives. It will allow companies to benchmark their plans against other Fortune 5000 companies, government entities, and large nonprofits.

“Developing a solid business transformation strategy will be one of the most important initiatives any company can undertake in 2015,” stated JT McCormick, President of Headspring. “Having an organic application portfolio that can adapt to the business environment is the difference between success and inevitable failure.”

In addition to producing the Portfolio Application & Business Transformation Survey, Headspring is offering the Five Keys to Delivering Business Technology Impact, a best practices guide that establishes a basis for this new research and identifies ways to cultivate better business transformation initiatives.