What should entrepreneurs keep in mind when growing a software company whose product is meant to be used by workers in the field?

The most important thing to consider is to ensure that the software is so user-friendly that workers will prefer it to the current method. If it is easy, they will use it and take some ownership. This means no irrelevant fields to fill in, defaults for such things as dates, and where there are users with limited English skills, a version in their language

Of the many considerations, one of the first is connectivity; does your application require the ability to communicate with an external server for current information? In addition, it’s also important to provide a highly optimized user interface, auto-populating data whenever possible. It’s important to keep interactions quick and painless to keep your workers focused on their job, not their software

With rapidly changing devices and technology, a device-agnostic development decision will provide the most flexibility and a stronger long-term return on investment. In addition, go live early and often. Get a system in the hands of the end users as quickly as possible. They will use the product differently than your assumptions. This will drive more informed product development in the future.