First Public Course Scheduled for September at Headspring Headquarters in Austin, Texas

Austin, TX – July 30, 2012, Headspring, a custom application development and consulting firm, today announced it was selected as the exclusive training partner for RavenDB, a popular open-source document database.

The premiere RavenDB training course provided by Headspring is scheduled for September 5-6, 2012 with limited space available. The course will be instructed by Principal Consultant Alonso Robles, with curriculum developed by RavenDB creator and CEO of Hibernating Rhinos, Oren Eini.

Headspring is a leading educator in the development community and was chosen as the exclusive partner to RavenDB because of its proven experience implementing document database in custom software projects.

“We are excited to be working with Headspring in a move that will make it easier and more accessible for customers to adopt RavenDB, and for developers and sys ops to learn just how useful a tool they now have within reach” says Eini.

The partnership also signifies Headspring’s ongoing commitment to the adaptation and evangelism of open-source technology.

“We’ve had a lot of success using RavenDB for our clients,” said Kevin Hurwitz, Chief Architect at Headspring. “We’re excited about this opportunity and looking forward to educating the new adopters of this great product.”

About RavenDB

RavenDB is an open source (with a commercial option) second generation document database for the .NET/Windows platform, developed by Hibernating Rhinos, which also developed a set of profilers for Object Relations Mappers for the .NET and Java platforms.

RavenDB is used by customers for running low end embedded solutionssuch as Point Of Sale systems all the way up to highly scalable, distributed & replicated, systems such as MSNBC.COM, which has moved several keys assets to RavenDB, and plans to move more in the future.

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