Dustin Wells shares his story of success in podcast series, The Eventual Millionaire

Austin, Texas – May 2012 – The Eventual Millionaire podcast series has released a recorded interview of Founder/CEO Dustin Wells sharing the story of his success in the custom software industry.  The interview explores his entry into entrepreneurship, personal struggles and triumphs along the way.  It also features insight into the daily operations of Headspring, Wells’ leadership goals, and future plans for the company’s continued growth.

“The Eventual Millionaire is a great resource for people early in the process of building a business,” said Dustin Wells.  “I feel privileged to have been chosen to serve as a reference for those who are looking to grow their career.”

The Eventual Millionaire podcast series, led by Jaime Tardy, features weekly interviews of individuals with a net worth of $1 million who have built their own businesses. Previously interviewed entrepreneurs include best-selling author and Apple evangelist, Guy Kawaski, and Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby.  The series has been featured on media channels such as CNN, MSNMoney, Fortune.com, and Success Magazine.

For more information, or to listen to the interview, visit Eventual Millionaire.